The Move to Mexico eBook

Baby Boomers are facing the biggest challenge of their lives in the face of the current global economic collapse. A lifetime of savings and benefits has been greatly diminished while the retirement dream has become a distant, unattainable illusion. But there is a solution – an option to relocate to a place right next door where the dollar goes farther and your daily life enhanced. Find out how you can recapture the dreams of your youth and find that special place. Whether you are still working, or just want to hang your hammock and retire, this book will give you the confidence to make the move.

Move to Mexico – and Keep the American Dream Alive During These Hard Economic Times

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author David Simmonds

  • How and why we got where we are.
  • Mexico isn’t for everyone –is it for you?
  • Buy or rent, finance opportunities, ownership laws.
  • Visas, health and medical issues, daily life advice, safety concerns
  • Free personal advice from the author
  • 134 pages, over 33,000 words
  • City profiles
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